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I normally write this post on December 31... but this year a good  friend  was in the hospital  and I  just got back into town.  Life is always full of surprises....

Looking back at  last year   I was  right and wrong on my real estate predictions for 2013.  Inventory did stay low but prices shot up to levels we last saw before the recession.  While I expected to see a rise in home values,  I didn't think we would see the significant increase we saw in Manhattan Beach  and  the rest of the  Beach Cities in such a short time frame.

 Homes that had been on and off the market for years suddenly found new owners at new price levels.  Builders stepped back in the market with a lot of cash and entry level  buyers found themselves facing tough competition for smaller homes in all  the Beach Cities but especially in Manhattan Beach.

Off market sales soared as agents networked to buy and sell  homes for clients who didn't want to play the multiple offer game. All cash buyers made sellers very happy in the Spring and early Summer.  While the market cooled a bit in the fall from the early part of the year  there were still some big prices paid for prime properties.. especially on The Strand in Manhattan and Hermosa.

Inventory is still low in all the Beach Cities and I'm not sure 2014 will see a major increase in homes for sale in  Manhattan , Hermosa, Redondo or El Segundo. Sellers generally want to make a move upward either in location or size.   The big issue for folks considering selling is what can they buy  to replace their existing home.  With inventory levels remaining low this can be a sticking point.  I think we will see  both buyers and sellers wanting to add contingencies to  contracts.

I believe we will see prices continue to rise due to normal market supply and demand forces but perhaps not quite as much as last year.  New loan guidelines and an uptick in interest rates will have an effect on the market for buyers,  A 1%  rise in the interest rate is equivalent to a 10% increase in the price.   If rates and prices increase simultaneously over a short time span we could feel an impact.

As always there are many things to consider when deciding to purchase a home or investment property.  Over the years I have seen numerous changes in prices and markets.. but two things remain constant...someone will always have to sell and someone will always need to buy.....

Happy 2014 !

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Kaye Thomas

Posted on January 14, 2014 22:21:58

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South Bay-Beach Cities.. Holiday Events December 2013

Fun Christmas/ Holiday  Events in the South Bay Beach Cities....December 2013

It's that special time of year..... we put lights on houses .... ornaments on trees..... and little kids know that magic is real. I love the Holiday Season..... Many homeowners in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo do some fabulous light displays and Christmas/Holiday decorations. El Segundo and other cities have whole neighborhoods of homes that bring visitors from near and far to see the wonderful winter wonderland displays.

  There are  many celebrations in the Beach Cities including Tree lighting, Pier fireworks, a Holiday Boat Parade and a sand snowman contest as well as a hill of snow!

Our little Beach towns have retained their unique Holiday traditions. If you want to know what's happening in the Beach Cities during the Holidays... just scroll down and you will find the major activities for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. It's a wonderful time of year... Oh and be sure to stop by the Gift Wrap in the Manhattan Mall... I'll be there .. so stop and say Hello..

Sandpiper Holiday Homes Tour.....

December 6,7,8, 2013  The Sandpipers will hold their annual Holiday Home Tour featuring South Bay homes. The tour runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For more information or click on link above 

Manhattan Beach:                               

  December 7, 2013- December 24, 2013 ... . The Neptunian Woman's Club will be Gift Wrapping at the Manhattan Village Mall... proceeds go toward scholarships for Manhattan Beach students and the fees are tax deductible. Psssst..... We will wrap any gift ... not just ones bought at a Mall store.... 

Sunday December 8, 2013... Manhattan Beach Fireworks Show .... At the Pier...Entertainment starts at 3:00.. the fireworks start at 7:00

Saturday December 14, 2013... 27th annual Family Crafts Night... Joslyn Center  1601 Valley Dr. 5:00-7:00 pm

Santa starts his rounds  Monday Dec 2, 2013.. and he will be looking for good little girls and boys until December 19, 2013..   Santa starts his route every evening at 5:30 with the exception of December 16, 2013 when the float is parked in Manhattan Village  from 6:00- 7:00 pm.

Dec 2:
 Starts at 19th St and Ardmore Avenue and travels in area bounded by Pacific, Manhattan Beach Boulevard, and Ardmore Ave.

Dec 3:
 Starts at 8th Street and Johnson Avenue and travels South  in area bounded by Second St, Aviation Blvd, Eighth Street and Sepulveda Blvd.

Dec 4:  Starts at Bell Ave.  and 36th St, Rosecrans Avenue and travels in area bounded by Pacific Avenue, Marine Avenue, Bell Avenue.
 Dec 5: Starts at 15th St. and Lynngrove Dr. and travels in area bounded by Marine Ave.,  Manhattan Beach Blvd,  Redondo Avenue and Aviation Blvd,.

Dec 6:
Starts at Marine and John Street. and travels in area bounded by Ardmore Avenue, Sepulveda Blvd.,Manhattan Beach Blvd., Pacific Avenue.

Dec. 9 :
 Starts at  Redondo Ave. and Mathews Ave. and travels in area bounded by  Second Street, Aviation Blvd, Artesia Blvd and Peck  Avenue.

Dec. 10: Starts at Second Street and Rowell Avenue and  travels in area bounded by Second Street, Rowell Avenue,  Artesia Blvd. and  Sepulveda.  

Dec. 11: Starts at Ardmore Ave and First Street and travels in area bounded by  Manhattan Beach Blvd., Sepulveda Blvd. Longfellow Ave and Ardmore Avenue.

Dec. 12:   Starts at Marine Ave. and Ocean Dr and travels in area bounded by Marine Ave., 45th St., Ocean Dr. and Bell Ave.

Dec. 13:    Johnson Avenue  and Eighth St and travels North  in area bounded by  Manhattan Beach Blvd, Aviation Blvd, Eighth Street and Sepulveda Blvd.

Dec. 16: From 6 to 7 p.m., the Santa float will be parked at the main pool of Manhattan Village. Starts at 7 p.m. at 18th Street and Redondo Avenue. and travels in area bounded by Marine Avenue, Redondo Avenue,Manhattan Beach Blvd., and Rowell Avenue.

Dec. 17: Starts at Meadows Avenue and Manhattan Beach Blvd. and travels in area bounded by Marine Avenue, Rowell Avenue, Manhattan Beach Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd..

Dec. 18 Starts at Pacific Avenue and Valley Drive.  and travels in area bounded by Rosecrans Avenue, Sepulveda Blvd. Ardmore Avenue and Pacific Avenue

Dec. 19: Starts at Ingleside Avenue and First Street. and travels in area bounded by Marine Avenue, Grandview Avenue, 24th St, 25th St, Ardmore Avenue, southern and western city limits

Manhattan Village Mall Events:
 Photos with Santa Manhattan Beach Mall
Santa arrives Nov. 29 and stays until Dec. 24.
Mon to Sat: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m
Sun:  11:00 to 7 p.m.
Breakfast with Santa :
Dec 8, 2013 8:30-10:30

The Web site above has more info on all Santa events...

Tuesday  evening... December 24, 2013... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

Hermosa Beach:

Thursday December 5, 2013...  Hermosa Beach Tree Lighting... 6:00 at the Hermosa Beach Pier

Saturday December 7, 2013   Santa Sand snowman contest  9:00-12:00 at the Pier

Saturday December 7, 2013    Spyder Snowfest... Pier Ave 12:30 

In Hermosa Beach Santa will be visiting Hermosa on two nights... Wednesday December 11, 2013 and on Wednesday December 18, 2013


Wednesday December 11, 2013

6:00-6:20 ... 600 Blk of 11th St.
6:30-6:50 ... 500 Blk of 11th St.
7:00-7:20 ... 1800 Valley Park
7:30-7:50 ... 31st and Morningside
8:00-8:20 ... 400 Blk of 2nd Street

Wednesday December 18, 2013

6:00-6:20 ... 400 Blk of 25th St. 
6:30-6:50 ... 2300 Blk Hermosa Avenue
7:00-7:20 ... 000 Blk of Hermosa Avenue
7:30-7:50 ... 2000 Hillcrest
8:00-8:20 ... 1200 blk 19th St. 

Tuesday  evening... December 24, 2013... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

Redondo Beach:
Tuesday December 3, 2013...  Annual Tree Lighting ... The Civic Center... 415 Diamond Avenue...5:00 pm


Thursday December  5, 2013... Stroll Riviera Village...  Riviera Village 5:00-9:00


Saturday December 14, 2013.....   Santa at the Pier.. Holiday Concert  3:00-5:00 p.m.
                                                        King Harbor Boat Parade....  starts about 5:30 p.m                                                      

Santa Visits Redondo:  ..

Santa is back in Redondo and will start his visit on December 2, 2013... He usually starts around 5:00 pm weather permitting...

Monday 12-2-13       Route 1:. Start Part 1 at Johnston and Beland, Go N/B and cover area Between Johnston and Dow, then Gibson and 159th, 160th to Beland and end Part 1 Part 2. Start Part 2 at Warfield / Vail, continue westbound Warfield to Aviation Bl. End Part 2.

Tuesday 12-03-13    Route 2: Start at Vail and Timothy. May and Pinckard. Then triangle area south of Beland to Robinson. Barkley, Gibson, Perkins, Carlsbad...etc. South on Inglewood (dark) to Robinson, Robinson westbound to Aviation. 

Wednesday 12-04-13  Route 3: Start at Plant and Vail, go W/B. to Green, then right to Perry and E/B on Perry to Rindge. Left and go to Ernest, go W/B to Aviation, then right and E/B on Farrell to Vail. Left turn and W/B on Bataan to Aviation, then right and E/B on Dufour to Vail. End route at Vail / Warfield.

Thursday 12-05-13   Route 4: Begin at Curtis and Aviation, E/B to Perkins, then left and W/B on Gates to Aviation. Right on Aviation to Graham, then E/B to Perkins. End at Perkins / Robinson.

Friday  12-06-13     Route 5: Aviation and Mathews, E/B to Perkins, then left and W/B on Nelson. Make a left at Aviation Way, a right at Mathews to Aviation, then right on Aviation to Ruhland. E/B on Ruhland to Perkins, then W/B on Voorhees to Aviation.

Saturday 12-07-13    Route 6: Start at Ruxton and Rockefeller and go W/B to Aviation Wy. Turn right and come E/B on Carnegie to Ruxton. Turn left and W/B on Vanderbilt to Aviation Wy. ....

Sunday 12-08-13       Route 7: Start at Clark and Harkness, go E/B Clark to Ripley. North on Felton then W/B on Harriman to Harkness, and E/B on Huntington to Ripley.

Monday 12-09-13    Route 8:    Start at Flagler and Armour, go W/B to Harkness, RIGHT, then right to Spreckels and E/B to Ripley. Go left and come back W/B on Havemeyer. Turn left on Flagler and go to Spreckels then right to Harkness, right again to Morgan and go E/B to Blossom. Then left to Speyer and come back W/B on Speyer to Harkness. Make a right and go to Pullman. Go E/B on Pullman to Ripley, then right on Ripley to MacKay. Turn right on MacKay and turn left onto Belmont W/B Belmont to Harkness.

Tuesday 12-10-13    Route 9: Start at Harper and Palm and go N/B. travel to Artesia. Then back and forth on Steinhart, Goodman, Stanford, Ford, Reed, Herrin, Carver, Wollacott and Axenty.

Wednesday 12-11-13   Route 10: Start at 190th and Pruitt, go to Armour and travel E/B to Firmona. Make a left and come back W/B on Spreckels to Pruitt. Right to Fisk and E/B to 190th, then right and another right on Firmona. Go N/B to Alvord and stop for a few minutes, then go to Ralston and W/B to Pruitt. Make a left at Pruitt and come back E/B on 2500-2600 Alvord. Go left at Inglewood Av. Left again at Ralston, then right on Felton. At 185th St, turn left to Pruitt, then right to 184th, and E/B on 184th across Inglewood to Firmona. Go right to 185th and
W/B on 185th back to Felton. Go N/B to 183rd, and E/B to Firmona, then W/B to
Felton on 182nd Pl, and back E/B on 182nd St to Inglewood.

Thursday 12-12-13    Route 11: Start at 190th and Green, go N/B to Ripley, then right and back S/B on Cluster. Make a left at 190th to Blossom, then N/B on Blossom to Havemeyer, E/B on Havemeyer to Rindge. Go right to service road at
190th, and make a left. Go to Earle and do each of the Courts. Then E/B on Ripley to Meyer. Right on Meyer. Left on 190th to Phelan, N/B on Phelan to Fisk, then W/B to High, right and back E/B on Alvord. Go right to Lilienthal. Make a U- turn at the park and come back N/B to Ralston. Go W/B on Ralston to Meyer, then right and back E/B on Hill to Lilienthal. W/B on Ives, and E/B on Hadley. Take Lilienthal, Ripley to Marshallfield W/B to Harkness.

Friday 12-13-13      Route 12: Start at Amethyst and Harkness, Turn left on 190th and go west to Goodman, turn right, then W/B on Lomax to Prospect. Turn right to Van Horne, then E/B Van Horne to Harkness. Make a left then W/B on Armour to Reynolds. Continue to do 1600-1700 blks to Speyer, then do Harper to Aviation, Steinhart back to Belmont, then N/B Goodman to Aviation. Come back on Stanford to Belmont and N/B Ford to Aviation.

Saturday 12-14-13    Route 13: Start at RBPD and go N/B on Broadway to Catalina, back S/B on Elena to Carnelian. Make a left and take PCH, then make a left on Beryl and do Francisca. North on Catalina. Then S/B on PCH to Diamond. Turn left on Diamond and go to N. Gertruda. Go N/B on Gertruda to Carnelian. Make a right, go to Guadalupe, then S/B tp Diamond. Make a left, to Irena, then N/B on Irena to Agate. Right turn to Juanita, then S/b on Juanita to Del Amo. Turn left and go to Lucia. N/B on Lucia to 190, turn right and come
back S/B on Maria to Del Amo. Then N/B on Paulina to 190th. St.

Sunday 12-15-13    Route 14: Start at RBPD, go S/B on Broadway to Torrance Bl, then E/B Torrance to S. Francisca. Go N/B to Vincent Park, then right, come back S/B on Guadalupe, to Torrance, then left to Helberta and back N/B to Vincent, then right to Irena, S/B to Torrance, then left and back N/B on Juanita to Vincent. Come back S/B on S. Lucia to Torrance.

Monday 12-16-13    Route 15: Start at Broadway and Torrance go S/B to Knob Hill, then N/B on Elvira to Sapphire. Turn right and cross PCH on Sapphire to Knob Hill, turn right and come back to Gertruda. Go N/B to Pearl, then left to Francisca, left again to PCH. Then left onto Sapphire, this time go to Helberta and go left to S. Irena, come back S/B on S. Irena. Left on Serpentine, then left again on S. Juanita to Camino Real.

Tuesday 12-17-13    Route 16: Start at Pearl / Susanna. S/B Susanna, turn corner to Faye & continue Faye N/B to Pearl.  Prospect to Torrance, left to Lucia, left. S/B Lucia to Rita, right on Rita W/B to Juanita, N/B Juanita to Torrance.. Irena S/B to Judy, right turn Judy N/B to Pearl. Pearl W/B to Camino Real, N/B to Miramar. Miramar W/B to Francisca, N/B to Sierra Vista E/B. End Sierra Vista/Camino Real. Note: advise families on Opal & Pearl to meet Santa on Lucia, Juanita, or Irena!

Wednesday 12-18-13   Route 17: Start at Ave G / PV W/B to PCH, then E/B on Ave F to PV. W/B on Ave E, make a right on Ave D to S/B Gertruda, then back on Helberta to Ave D., S/B on S. Irena (Do Ave D as you are going back
and forth on Gertruda, Helberta and Irena). Take PV to Prospect and do the 1000 blk Ave D, then W/B on Ave C back, including 1000 block, then E/B on Ave B(including 1000 block), then Ave A(1000 block) to PCH. Take Knob Hill to Camino Real

Thursday 12-19-13   Route 18: Start at S. Irena and PV Bl, go east to 1400 blk, then back to W/B on Helberta to PV, then E/B on S. Gertruda go to Messina and Circle Drs. Then W/B on Ave E to Pv, and E/B on Ave F to Prospect. Then W/B Ave G to PV. Then S/B on PV to Catalina. Turn and immediately take the left to Camino de la Costa. Go W/B on Paseo de la Playa, come back E/B on Vista del Mar, then N/B along the 1700 Blk of Camino de la Costa to Ave I. Make a left and to go the Esplanade.Continue route E/B Knob Hill to PCH, S/B PCH to Avenue A, W/B to Esplande. Continue Avenue A to Avenue H, alternating East & West on the Avenues (always S/B PCH and S/B Esplanade). End Route at Avenue H and PCH

Make Up Days:: Friday 12/20; Saturday 12/21; and Sunday12/22

Tuesday  December 24, 2013 ... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

El Segundo:

 Thursday December 5, 2013... The Annual Tree Lighting... and craft boutique at City Hall Plaza 300 Main Street  3:00 pm-7:00 pm

Saturday December 7, 2013 ..... Winter Wonderland 2:00-8:00 El Segundo HS grounds

Sunday December 8, 2013....  Holiday Parade 1:00-3:00 manin Street... 
Saturday December 14, 2013 Candy Cane Lane lights up:
 1200 block of East Acacia Avenue in El Segundo ( Corner of Acacia and California) 6:30- 7:00 pm

We don't have a schedule for Santa.. will post as soon as  his elves let me know..

Tuesday   December 24, 2013... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest

If you have an event you would like to add... just e-mail me and I will add it to the list....

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Kaye Thomas

Posted on December 08, 2013 15:30:05

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South Bay-Beach Cities Sold January-October 2009-2013

November 2013 residential listing  inventory for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. 

The South Bay-Beach Cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo have seen major changes in our local real estate market in 2013.   Inventory has been at the lowest levels in decades while prices have increased  significantly.

Location continues to play a major role as prime properties closer to the water have posted some amazing price gains even as inventory remains scarce.    Pocket listings remain a major part of the market as buyers and sellers try to negotiate the best possible deal they can and often on the same property.

While all the Beach Cities have seen major gains this year Manhattan Beach  real estate seems to have reached pre-recession price points.  Low supply and high demand are pushing prices to levels many thought they would not see again for a long time.

Generally inventory builds up a bit in the fall.  However if you look at the chart above you can see inventory levels remain low in all the Beach Cities as buyers scramble to find a property before the spring selling season with  potentially higher prices.

If you follow what happened in Redondo Beach this year you can see how inventory decreased while the number of sales and the median price increased.

Below is a breakdown of what has been happening in the South Bay -Beach Cities from January-October 2009-2013.. The numbers cover single family homes, townhomes and condos.  I apologize for the length of the post...(click on graphs to enlarge)

Hermosa Beach:

Listings by month:

Monthly sales:

Median sale Price: 

North Redondo:

Listings by month:

Monthly Sales: 

Median sale price:

South  Redondo:

Listings by month:

Monthly sales:

Median  Sale Price: 

El Segundo:

Listings by month:

Monthly Sales:

Median Sale Price:

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Kaye Thomas

Posted on November 30, 2013 17:33:02

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South Bay-Beach Cities.. Jumbo loan rates are looking good

The news this week seems to be about Congress  talking about lowering the maximum loan amounts  for Jumbo conforming loans to something under $625,500.  This could be a real issue for home buyers in the South Bay-Beach Cities.  With prices on the rise the current level of $625,500 or less is on the low end of the scale for many home buyers in  the Beach Cities as well as other areas of the South Bay.

Last week I wrote a post on interest rates on  home loans backed by Fannie and Freddie... The day after I wrote the post both the Wall Street Journal  and  the LA Times had  articles on the falling rates on Jumbo loans ( $625,500+). One of the things I learned a long time ago was that the rates you read about in the media don't always translate to our  real estate marketplace.

I contacted a few of the lenders I normally recommend to see what was happening in our local markets.   The rates being offered are surprisingly good for jumbo loans over $625,500.  many of these lenders offer loans up to $1.5-  $3.0 Million depending on the loan to value ratio.  The more money you have as a down payment the lower the interest rate.

Below is a sampling of rates offered by lenders:

Finley Taylor from Union Bank (310) 683-6048

30 year fixed  with 20% down is currently 4.75% with 0 points
10/1 ARM 4.125% with 0 points
7/1 ARM     3.625% with 0 points

Martha Puma Kinecta Credit Union (310) 643-2411

30 year fixed 5.25%
15 year fixed 4.625%

Brian Brady World Wide Credit Mortgage  (858) 777-9751
30 year fixed  5.25% ... Brian is also offering VA loans up to $1.0 Million at similar rates

Brett Lightner  Platinum Capital (310) 406-3547

30 year fixed $4.125% 0 points
7/1 3.625% 0 points
5/1 3.25% 0 points

Rates are changing by the day so many of the above quotes may be different than what I have noted above as some came out last Friday....

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Kaye Thomas

Posted on September 17, 2013 02:11:12

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South Bay-Beach Cities: Playing the interest rate game


The super low interest rates that folks took for granted are gone.   If you are thinking about buying a home or refinancing  you know interest rates have been bouncing around the last few months.  The days of  30 year fixed rates under 4% seem to be a thing of the past. The above rates are for conforming ($417,000 or less) and jumbo conforming loans( $417,000-$625,500).  While the rates have moved up in the last few months,  they are still very low compared to rates for those looking for a non-conforming loan over $625,500. .

Unfortunately as folks know who are shopping in The South Bay-Beach Cities for real estate or to refinance a non-conforming loan;  these loan rates don't apply to them.  A first loan of $625,500  generally means you are looking at a price under  $775,000.  There are  properties in that price range but they are moving fast.  Unless you are willing to buy a townhome or a condo you won't find a home in Manhattan Beach under $800,000.  There are a few smaller homes in Hermosa Beach but not many.  El Segundo and Redondo Beach still have some single family homes that fit that criteria but they move quickly when the hit the market. 

If you are shopping for a larger home or need to refinance a loan above $625,500 then you are going to pay a lot more than the above rates.  Once you start loan shopping above $625,500  the sticker shock hits.  The current rate for a 30 year fixed loan over $625,500 is 5.75%-6%  with at least a 1/4 of a point or more.  Adjustable rate loans remain an option for many buyers who don't plan to stay in the same home over 10 years.

The rise in rates really hasn't affected demand in our local Beach Cities real estate market.  Prices continue to move upward as inventory remains low.  Manhattan Beach seems to be above the prices  at the high point of the market although with fewer sales.  Home prices in Hermosa, Redondo and El Segundo  remain below the high points of the market but are moving upward. 

Many people are hoping that the rise in rates will cool the market but I don't see that happening now.  A few days ago I was looking at some offers I had written in 2005-2007.  Interest rates were 7.5%-8.5% and people were writing offers with home prices not much different than they are today. While loan guidelines are tougher today there are still a lot of qualified buyers who are ready to buy.  Inventory seems more of an issue than loan rates.  I think rates would have to take a huge jump in a very short time to affect  the current market demand.    It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months. 

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Kaye Thomas

Posted on September 03, 2013 21:28:18

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Kaye thomas, Hermosa Beach Realtor I am a veteran real estate agent serving the South Bay communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. I specialize in helping my South Bay neighbors to buy and sell luxury oceanfront homes.

Your South Bay Real Estate resource for Buying and Selling in the So. CA /LAX Beach Cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo.


This site is proudly sponsored by:

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